Toyota Tundra Survives Rat Lawsuit Aftermath!

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About a couple of years ago, we shared with you a report on a weakness that has put a dent on Toyota’s bulletproof status. As a refresher, the cars from Toyota are built with soy-based wires and this has turned into food for rodents.

For a carmaker whose products rarely fail, the rodents have turned into a weakness for Toyota and it got worst for the company when a group of individuals got together to file a lawsuit against them.

Today, Toyota can rest easy because the court has made it official that the lawsuit will not proceed. A statement from the court revealed that Toyota wasn’t aware of the consequences that comes with soy wires hence they don’t have to pay a price for it.

The Tundra is one of the vehicles built with soy wires and it now seeks a solution as to how it can repel away predators. As it stands, there is no cure for rodents and it remains to be the only weakness for Toyota.