Toyota Wants Lexus To Be Closer With China

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China and Japan are neighbouring countries that share one huge thing in common – the love for cars.

With Japanese being an established home for several mass market automakers and China being the worlds’ biggest automotive market, it is only right for brands like Honda, Mazda, Suzuki and Toyota to appeal to the Asian country.

These carmakers have gone as far as securing a partnership deal with local companies in China to produce their vehicle in the nation. But for Toyota, they want to take relationships with China to a whole new level by making their luxury arm, Lexus, into producing vehicles in the country.

In doing so, Lexus can gain have a stronger presence in China and it can also save a lot on production cost. Developing Lexus cars for China in China will also make the carmaker the first Japanese luxury brand to make the move.

But at present moment, the above remains to be an idea which Toyota is hoping to execute in the near future.