US-Spec Honda Civic Type-R: Should You Worry About Price Tag?

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The answer to the title above is yes. There have been a lot of talks about Honda planning to distribute the latest Civic Type-R here in the US but after seeing the way the sports hatch is priced in Europe, consumers here should be worried.

In case you are unaware, the Civic Type-R is retailing at £29, 995 in the UK. Converting this amount to US Dollars and you will get an estimated amount of $46,000. If this is the price of the US-bound Civic Type-R, it is going to scare off many consumers.

Yes, the Civic Type-R might be crowned as the fastest FWD sports hatch in the world right now but the fact that there are other cars which are cheaper and faster makes it an undesirable purchase.

One example would be the upcoming Ford Focus RS which will retail under $40,000 and will have more power to offer than the Civic Type-R. The point here is that Honda needs to carefully price their jewel car or risk scaring off the cost-conscious buyers. Wouldn’t you agree?