Volkswagen Amarok Successor To Join The Fight?

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Things are certainly heating up for the truck market here in the US and we see more and more models getting added onto the list. There is now talks that Volkswagen might also join the fight with a Volkswagen Amarok successor.

Of course, Volkswagen has not confirmed anything yet but according to Herbet Dies, Scott Keogh, the new chief for Volkswagen North American will be deciding if the Amarok will be coming to the US or not.

With Volkswagen now doing better, we are hoping that the Amarok will eventually make its way over and chances of that happening are pretty high if things work out with Ford. Volkswagen and Ford have confirmed that they will be working together but we will have to wait and see if their collaboration extends beyond commercial vehicles.

There were also speculations that the Volkswagen truck could end up sharing the same underpinnings with the Ford Ranger.