Volkswagen Atlas & Tiguan May Replicate Ford’s Utility Direction

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The month of August 2018 has been tough on most carmakers and this includes Volkswagen. The German-based company suffered huge loses here in the US due to the dwindling sales of their sedans.

To keep it brief, names like the Golf, Jetta, Passat and Beetle all posted negatives on the YTD. But on the plus side of things, Volkswagen managed to save some face thanks to the success of their utility line-up, particularly with the Atlas and the Tiguan.

Both the Atlas and the Tiguan posted 44.1% and 27% gains respectively thus allowing Volkswagen to balance their chequebooks. This phenomenal happening goes to show that American consumers are rapidly losing interest in sedans and compact cars.

Ford has foreseen this happening and they were quick to switch lanes by axing their long-serving sedans and hatchbacks. Ford then pledged to become a utility-focussed carmaker through launching more new SUVs and crossovers.

Now that Volkswagen has experienced similar losses, they may be prompted to take on the same direction for the American market. We can expect the carmaker to offer a word or two on the matter if the sales trend remains unchanged in the coming months.