Volkswagen Beetle Will Bid Us Farewell

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The Volkswagen Beetle has been here for a long time but everything has to come to an end and for the Volkswagen Beetle, the day is almost here. Volkswagen will be stopping the production for the Volkswagen Beetle model this week at the Puebla. Mexico plant and this will mark the end for the Beetle.

Despite all the update all through is 81 years, Volkswagen has managed to keep the rounded shape alive. As much as we wish it would stay on forever, we also know that the Beetle leaving marks an important milestone for Volkswagen as they slowly step away from the diesel scandal and focus on offering new EV models in the future.

We know that Volkswagen is working on a new compact ID.3 model. There were also reported that it might not be a long goodbye for the Beetle as there were rumors saying that it might come back as one of the EV models but we will have to wait and see. The last Final Edition patch will come out of the plant on the 10th of July.