Volkswagen Crossovers Not The Main Focus

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With crossovers and SUVs now getting most of the attention, you would think that automakers would sell more crossovers than cars last year. While that is true for a lot of the automakers, it is not for Volkswagen.

It was reported that Volkswagen managed to sell 189,343 units of cars in the US last year while only selling 164,721 units of crossovers in the US. While the number does suggest that there is still a huge market for cars and that Volkswagen’s decision to maintain their car line right, thigs might not be as rosy as the numbers suggest.

While Volskwagen did sell more cars compared to crossovers, cars sales actually did down by 28% compared to their sales in 2017 where they sold 262,029 cars. Crossovers sales on the other hand went up by 112% from 77,647 in 2017.

So while crossover did not catch up to the cars sales last year, we will most likely see crossover overtake cars this year.