Volkswagen Drops Details On 5th ID Model

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Volkswagen has made it clear that they want to focus more on electric models and the latest report suggest that we can expect to see the fifth model from the ID family in April. So what do we know about the upcoming model?

According to Autocar, the fifth ID model is internally known as the ID Lounge and it is said that the vehicle will be based on the MEB platform. If this is true, we can expect to see a Touareg-size ID model that will have about 3300mm wheelbase and seven seats which would allow it to take on models like the Model X from Tesla when it fianlly arrives.

It is also speculated that the vehicle will be fitted with a 111kWh bapacity battery pack that will allow the vehicle to travel for 372miles when the battery is charge to full

The new SUV should be arriving before 2022 and will be joining the two other electric SUVs that will be based on the ID Crozz.