Volkswagen e-Samba Is The Next One Coming?

It is no secret that Volkswagen is looking to bring the Samba back to the market but so far, there has not really been much talk or details on what they have been working on but new reports seem to suggest that one is coming soon.

According to the Volkswagen ID Talk forum, Volkswagen did file an “e-Samba” trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This has to lead many to believe that a new electric van could be coming our way.

One of the reasons why the original Samba was so popular was because of the number of windows the vehicle had giving the passenger ample view of the outside. We are hoping that if Volkswagen does work on a new e-Samba, the new van would also have the same design in mind with multiple windows and glass all over.

What do you think?

Author: Staff Reporter

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