Volkswagen EV Will Put Others To Shame

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While we cannot guarantee that the upcoming Volkswagen EV will be better than their rivals, it can almost be certain that the vehicle will come in as one of the cheapest EV out there.

According to the reports, Volkswagen has just given the green light for an EV crossover model that will come with a $23 price tag. Autocar reported that the vehicle will be a compact crossover with a dimension similar to the T-Roc model.

When this new EV arrives, it will be the fifth electric model by Volkswagen. If Volkswagen does manage to pull this off, we should be seeing more and more affordable EV models coming our way. The main idea is to have an EV model that looks great, has a lot of interior space to offer and is also affordable.

The new vehicle will be build based on the MED modular architecture with the motor mounted in the front. The vehicle should have a driving range of 186miles.