Volkswagen Golf R Says No To Drift Mode

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We have already seen a few models take advantage of the Drift Mode to get more attention but it looks like the Volkswagen Golf R will not be doing that.

When asked if we can expect to see a Drift Mode when the Volkswagen Golf R arrives, Jost Capito, the head of the Volkswagen R division replied that the mode is not for them but that is not the only thing that Volkswagen is choosing to leave out.

According to the report, the Volkswagen Golf R will also not be getting four-wheel steering that they think that it is not something that is necessary on the Volkswagen Golf R.

It was previous announce that the new Golf R will be coming in with about 300hp to offer as they want to make sure that it is still affordable while also be powerful at the same time.

Hopefully, we will be getting more details about the Mk8 Golf R soon.