Volkswagen Golf R: Sports Hatch Can Beat Dodge Demon!

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The all-new Dodge Challenger Demon is described by many as the fastest, road-legal quarter-mile car in the world right now and this is owed to its clever launch control, lighter body and the upgraded 840hp V8 mill.

With such a setup, the Challenger Demon is said to have the ability to hit 60mph from standstill in just 2.3seconds and Dodge even went as far as claiming that the Demon can finish a quarter-mile challenge in 9.5 seconds.

That is extremely fast for a sub-$90,000 car but it isn’t exactly out of reach from existing vehicles. Vengeance Racing has already proved that they can challenge the Challenger Demon with a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE via aftermarket parts and tunings.

Today, we can add the Volkswagen Golf R Mk6 to that list as the sports hatch too can outpace a stock Demon on the drag strip. The Golf R from Turbo Technik Sami has been upgraded to run on an R32 mill with turbochargers thus giving off an overall output of 800hp.

This is really insane for a compact hatchback and its performance results suggest that the Demon won’t be able to handle the Golf R on the drag strip.