Volkswagen Golf R Turns 5-Pot Dreams Into Reality!

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It has been a long while since Volkswagen updated the Golf R and many perceive this as an indication that a new-generation is in the works. While details on the successor are not out yet, the Golf R fans can’t help it but to wish for the future hatch to adopt a 5-pot setup like the Audi RS3.

The 5-cylinder turbocharged engine would be a dream offering when applied on the Golf R as the power it will bring to the lightweight hatchback can lead the car into becoming the fastest vehicle in the compact realm.

Today, we can actually see how good the Golf R performs when riding on the 5-cylinder engine after a one-off modified model demonstrated its power on the track. This particular Golf R has also been tuned for a 600hp output and it looks really fun to drive. Just see it for yourself below.