Volkswagen ID.3 Interior Leaked By Volkswagen!

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A video showing off the Volkswagen ID.3 was uploaded on YouTube and while the video was promptly taken down, some people already managed to grab a few screenshots of the video including some showing off the interior.

The images of the interior showed off the huge touchscreen infotainment system along with the digital gauge cluster behind the wheel that almost looks like it could be attached to the steering column.

The screen seems to be showing details like speed, range, navigation, radar cruise control system and on the side of the display will be a gear selector with Park, Neutral, Reverse and Drive mode.

This will be the second leaked video of the upcoming Volkswagen ID.3 with the first one showing off the exterior of the vehicle. Thanks to all these leaks, we already have a pretty decent picture of how the vehicle will look like and what it will be offering when it finally arrives.

The Volkswagen ID.3 should be making its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show.