Volkswagen ID Buzz Spells Trouble For Chrysler Pacifica!

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The all-new Pacifica is one of the two vehicles that are actively produced by Chrysler and it is on course to be the bestselling minivan around. Chrysler has simply nailed it when they equipped the Pacifica with a hybrid powertrain but this doesn’t seem to be enough for the vehicle to fend off future threat.

We are referring to the Volkswagen ID Buzz, which has been confirmed for production in 2022. The vehicle is an EV minivan that looks like the classic Bus. This unique design will certainly appeal to the mass market and the EV powertrain will also be an attraction.

Volkswagen has yet to share the projected range of the ID Buzz but many are speculating it to be north of 300 miles. If so, then the ID Buzz will surely be the ultimate EV minivan and this can turn it into the number one choice in the minivan segment.

The good news for Chrysler is that the ID Buzz is still 5 years away from making its official release and they will have plenty of time to boost the Pacifica for the stiffer competition in the future.