Volkswagen ID. Hatchback Will Have VW Seeing Red

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Volkswagen might be seeing red when they finally release the Volkswagen ID. hatchback models.

According to Auto Motor & Sport, Volkswagen might lose about 3000 euros for every Volkswagen ID. EV hatchback that they sell which is pretty substantial seeing as Volkswagen plans to sell a lot of these and a lot more EV models in the future.

However, things are not as bleak as it looks. It was added that when GM first decided to release their Bolt, there were losing about $9000 for each Bolt they sold. Compare to that, 3000 euros for Volkswagen does not sound too much.

The Volkswagen ID will come with three tiers of battery capacity and range starting from the 48kWh battery-powered model that will have about 200 miles to offer but Volkswagen will not be selling that first. They will start off with a 62kWh battery with 342 miles to offer when they launch the Volkswagen ID.