Volkswagen Laughs Off Alfa Romeo-Audi Rivalry!

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Alfa Romeo has enjoyed a remarkable turnaround in the market and this is ever since they launched the latest generation Giulia. The luxury sports sedan came out with an impressive performance to offer and it has earned endless praises from the auto community.

As such, it wasn’t surprising to see a number of outlets predicting Alfa Romeo to disrupt the sales momentum of its German rivals. This is, of course, if Alfa Romeo is able to offer any proof of improved reliability with the Giulia – something that requires time. If they are to achieve just that, Alfa Romeo can be a huge threat to brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Speaking of Audi, it appears that their parent company, Volkswagen, is not agreeing with the whole Alfa threat thing. The carmaker took a swipe at Alfa earlier this week when they quoted the new Seat will be summoned to compete with the Italian carmaker.

This is clearly a provocation because Seat does not have that prestige brand image like Alfa Romeo. Volkswagen is hoping to change that in the near future but it won’t change our beliefs that an Alfa Romeo is a direct rival to Audi.