Volkswagen Looking To Get Busy In 2020

Volkswagen wanted to enter 2020 strong as they announce that they will be offering 34 models in 2020. While some of them are new variants of existing cars, others are new additionals to their line up. Many of the 34 models will be electric.

Some of the models will be coming in earlier on like the Volkswagen Golf ID.3 which we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year and will be arriving in 2020. Coming soon after is the ID.4, a crossover model.

Models like the Golf, Tiguan, and Touareg will also be getting some hybrid options next year as well but there will also be some “standard” model like the 8th gen Volkswagen Golf with the GTI, GTD and R variant after that.

There will also be more that will come under the Audi, Lamborghini, and Bugatti brands. Which models are you looking forward to seeing?

Author: Staff Reporter

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