Volkswagen Looking To Take Crown From Tesla

Tesla is really trying to push its production up to 500k units a year by setting up a new plant in China but while they do that, Volkswagen is also rushing to push more electric cars out.

It was reported that Volkswagen is looking to push the production vehicles of their electric car to 1 million units before 2022. To make that happen, the automaker will also be heading to China by setting up two factories to building more electric cars next year. The plants would have a capacity of 600,000 vehicles.

Unlike their competitors who were looking to enter the electric market slowly, Volkswagen has chosen to dive headfirst with their own electric vehicle architecture, MEB which is also license out to their rivals.

However, Tesla is not an easy opponent to take on. Even with so many EV options out there right now, Tesla and their Model 3 is still going strong.

Author: Staff Reporter

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