Volkswagen Looking To Take On Jeep With EV?

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Now that the whole diesel plan did not work out for Volkswagen, they are focus on making their EV plan work. We have already seen some fo the I.D. badge models that will be coming but it looks like Volkswagen wants to offer more.

The latest report suggest that Volkswagen might be looking to offer another electric SUV model that would come in to take on some of the more rugged modesl in the market like the Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler.

According to Michael Jost, Volkswagen head of strategy, there is no model in this market yet as they is no EV model that can be considered rugged. He also added that the vehicle has not been given the greenlight yet but he is pushing to get it through.

If this does happen, the vehicle will most likely get the MEB platform and will proabbly arrive in 2021. Do you think there is a place for such a vehicle?