Volkswagen Setting Price Bar Very Low For Future Electric Car

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Now that the whole diesel plan did not work out for Volkswagen, they are putting everything they have on the EV models. According to the latest report, Volkswagen is looking to offer an electric car that would be sold for less than $22,650.

The new electric car is currently known as MEB entry with plans for an annual production volume of 200,000 units. If this is true, the new EV would be cheaper than most of the EV in the market like the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf.

It was later announced that the I.D. Aero which is another EV will be produced at a factory that is currently building the Volkswagen Passat. The I.D Buzz, on the other hand, will be built at their Hannover plant which builds the T6 van right now.

It was also added that Volkswagen is looking to convert three German factories for EV production