Volkswagen Shows Off Dune Buggy Of The Future

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Now that Volkswagen is more committed to electric motors, we should be seeing more electric models and concept from what like this dune buggy that will be fitted with electric motors.

The dune buggy is based on the Bettle chassis. This new concept will be riding on the MEB architecture which is basically the spiritual successor of the Beetle chassis. Called the e-buggy, Volkswagen said that they want to show the world how they can turn a classic into a modern non-retro model.

Of course, at this point, most people believe that this is just a concept to keep people talking about their MEB electric platform but some people think that there might be more to it like a new crossover based on the concept.

The Dune Buggy should be heading to the Geneva Motor Show this year which will be happening on the 7th of March.