Volkswagen Sweeten The Deal For ID. Electric

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Despite electric vehicles now offering a longer range, some people are still not convinced that EV is the way to especially with the long charging time which is probably why Volkswagen felt the need to sweeten the deal as well along with the fact that they have lost some fans after the whole diesel engine scandal.

To help boost the sales of their Volkswagen ID. Electric model, Volkswagen has now announced that all the batteries in the ID. electric vehicle will now be backed by Volkswagen for eight-year or 99.418 miles warranty.

Volkswagen also added that they estimated that the batteries will be able to maintain 70% of its usable capacity during that period of time. Of course, as the battery deteriorates, we should also expect the range of the vehicle to reduce down as well. Right now, the model will be offering about 205 miles to 342miles when it arrives and 70% of that will be about 144 to 240miles.

While eight years is very long, it might not be long enough for some people. Would you buy a car that will only give you the best for eight years?