Volkswagen T-Roc Not Chosen For The US

Despite the Volkswagen T-Roc is doing well in Europe, Volkswagen has decided not to bring it over to the US opting for a unique product specific to NA.

According to Volkswagen, they will be offering the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport model in the US but on top of that, they are also looking to bring in a new subcompact crossover model to sit below the Tiguan. Naturally, people would assume that it is T-Roc but it is now.

Volkswagen explains that they feel there is no capacity at their T-Roc plant with the demand for it in Europe being so high. They plan to come out with a crossover that they can build at the Mexico plant since that plan will stop building the Beetle and Golf.

There are also taking into consideration the cost of importing the T-Roc from Europe. With the vehicle being in the low-priced segment, it just would not make sense for them to spend so much to get so little in return.

Now that they have cleared that up. Hopefully, we will get to learn more about the new vehicle soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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