Volkswagen Tarok Pickup Truck Coming To The US?

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We did get to see the Volkswagen Tarok concept at the New York Auto Show and now it looks like Volkswagen has decided that they would offer the Tarok in the US.

According to Volkswagen, mid-size trucks have been getting better and this has created a space for smaller, more affordable and more fuel efficient trucks in the market. They added that they wanted to offer something that is more in line with what Volkswagen’s customers will have to offer or expect.

When they announce that the production version of the Tarok will be heading to Brazil, they also added that it would be coming to more market but did not reveal where. Many people believe that it will be in the US.

If that is true, Volkswagen will have to build it in North America to avoid the tax so Mexico could be where they will build it. As for the Tanoak concept, we do not think that we will be seeing it in the US as it does not seems like it would be a right fit for the US market based on how the Honda Ridgeline is doing.