Volkswagen Teases New EV For Christmas?

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Volkswagen is putting all their effort into the EV engines and future EV models now that diesel is no longer working for them. The first EV model that we should be seeing from them is the Volkswgen I.D Buzz model but besides that, Volkswagen is clearly working on more EV models including that looks like a beach buggy.

According to the latest report by Autocar, Volkswagen might be working on a retro-inspired I.D model. This was after Volkswagen Christmas Card showed what looked like a beach buggy.

The outline of the vehicle looks pretty clear. Autocar added that vehicle is actually being produced by their R&D center right now and that Volkswagen is looking to show it off at the Geneva Motor Show. Of course, we still do not know if it is true or not so it might be best if you take it with a pinch of salt while we wait for Volkswagen to drop some kind of hint.