Volkswagen Tiguan & Arteon PHEV Heads To Europe, Gives US Hope

It looks like those living in Europe will also get a chance to purchase the Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Arteon PHEV model as Volkswagen announced the offering for their Europe line up.

With both the Tiguan and Arteon already being offered here. Some people think that we might be able to see it in the US but we will have to wait and see although for now, they did make it pretty clear that they do not have plans to bring those over.

Chances of seeing the Arteon is pretty low either as a vehicle is not doing that well in the US so it would not make sense that Volkswagen would want to work towards getting the new engine certified.

If one of those were to come our way, the Tiguan would probably be the one. It would also have very few competitors here.

Author: Staff Reporter

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