Volkswagen Tiguan R Will Not Stray Far

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We have already seen what Volkswagen will be offering on the Volkswagen T-Roc R model and while they have not revealed what the Tiguan R will be offering, the vehicle have been spotted out in the open a few times now.

From what we can see, Volkswagen will be following the same recipe for the R-Line models which means the same body kit upgrades and allouy wheels. The Tiguan R will also be fitted with a quad exhaust tips but there is nothing really too extraordinary here which is also probablay why Volkswagen did not bother to cover it up.

What we would like to know now is what Volkswagen will be using under the hood. Initial rumor suggest that Volkswagen will be offering the vehicle with the 2.0 liter TFSI turbo powertrain that will be offering abuot 296hp but the vheicle was also sptted with a five cylinder tubro engine which had lead some to speculate that we might be seeing a 2.5 liter engine from Audi under the hood.

While Volskwagen have not reveal when they will be revealing the Tiguan R, we are expecting to see it this year.