Volkswagen Wants To Focus On Auto Drive

Volkswagen is taking autonomous drive a lot more seriously now as it was reported that they have now set up a new sub-division called the Volkswagen Autonomy.

As the name alone would suggest, the sub-division will be tasked to work on some new self-driving tech for the company and the other Volkswagen brands. For now, we know that we will be seeing some autonomous shuttles during the 2020 FIFA World Cup by Volkswagen.

Of course, while we are definitely seeing a lot more auto tech coming to light, it might be some time before we actually see an actual autonomous car on the road for the masses as there will still be a lot of hurdles and issues that will need to be solved before we see more of that.

According to Alex Hitzinger, the CEO of the Volkswagen Autonomy sub-division, Level 5 might not happen but he does think Level 4 will be something we will see in the future.

Author: Staff Reporter

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