Volkswagen Won’t Leave EV Drivers Stranded

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One of the biggest reason why some people are not willing to get an EV model is because they are worried that they would be stranded somewhere when their battery runs out. Well, Volkswagen might have a solution to that problem.

Volkswagen announce that they are looking to bring what they call the “power bank” to the roads. The “Power Bank” is more of a standalone independent power source with up to 360kWh of total battery storage capacity.

What Volkswagen has in mind is that these would work as a popup cahrging station where EV drivers can actually charge up their vehicle. While they do not have much information to offer right now, they did say that the towers will have 360kWh of storage which is enough to power up 15 vehicles. Four cars can also be charged at the same time but only two can be connected via DC. The other two will have to use AC.

Of course, we do not know if this would ever work out for Volkswagen but if it does, it would be pretty amazing.