Volkswagen’s Ford Explorer & Toyota Highlander Fighter Production Confirmed?

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Volkswagen has been teasing on the development of a brand new SUV but they have yet to share on when the vehicle will get released and the things it will have to offer.

Today, it looks like the SUV might debut in Q4 this year. This was suggested by the latest spy shots that saw an unidentified SUV wearing the Volkswagen logo. The SUV is sized much like the Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander, and its extended rear end suggests three-rows of seats.

A second look at the spy shots also saw the SUV looking like the concept that was unveiled recently at the Geneva Motor Show. However, the prototype appears to be larger than the concept which it is based on.

The way we see it, the future Explorer and Highlander rival could utilize the same engines that are being deployed on the Golf-series. Of course, we are still waiting for further confirmation from Volkswagen.