Volvo 360C Sound-Only Teaser Was More Than Enough

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While we know that Volvo has been working on a new EV model that they are referring to as the 360C, we still do not know much about the vehicle but the last teaser could give us a better idea of what it will be offering.

The teaser video has no visuals at all despite being a ‘video”. What we got was a 10-second video with a chime. While it does not look like much, some people were quick to point out that the chime was similar to the autonomous tech that was found on Volvo’s models right now.

Based on that, many people believe that this could indicate that the Volvo 360C could have a self-drive ability, maybe a next-level autonomous technology. More details will only be revealed when the 360C make its debut which is another mystery. It might not even keep the 360C name when it arrives.