Volvo 360C Will Turn Sci-Fi Content Into Reality

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It is official. Volvo has unveiled the 360C concept and the vehicle has got the looks that spells future all over it. The primary aim with the concept is for Volvo to develop a fully-capable, compromise-free autonomous vehicle.

The scary bit for driving enthusiasts here is with the real aim of the 360C. Exploring into the details will tell you that the car is not simply aimed at self-driving. Volvo has got bigger plans with the vehicle and they’ve made this clear in a new teaser video of the car.

The bigger aim is to ensure that commuters won’t have to hit pause on life whenever they are on the move. Volvo wants commuters to have dinner, to socialize, to sleep, to work and do anything else imaginable while on the move in the 360C.

It’s like those futuristic cars in sci-fi movie flicks that now looks ready to turn into reality through the 360C and you can check the teaser out below.