Volvo Racing Tesla For Logistics Glory

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The Tesla Semi is a huge truck that is hoping to revolutionize the logistics industry once it becomes available for purchase. The vehicle is packed with a number of electric motors that can haul heavy goods and the battery pack will be so huge that the electric range won’t be something worth worrying about.

But like every other vehicle from Tesla, the Semi has a problem and that is with rapid production. Tesla has never been efficient on this front and this will open the doors for other carmakers to leap ahead in the logistics scene.

True enough, Volvo has made it clear that they want to hijack Tesla’s dream at the ongoing Paris Motor Show. The Swedish carmaker was loud in revealing that they are going to launch electric trucks – particular semis – in North America in 2020.

This means that Tesla has got about a full year to hasten the wide-scale release of the Semi. Failing to do so will only benefit Volvo’s quest to revolutionize the logistics scene.