Volvo & Uber Autonomous XC90 Three Years In The Making

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Volvo and Uber announced that they will be working together back in 2016 to come out with fully autonomous vehicles and we are finally going to see it now.

The fully autonomous Audi XC90 will come packed with a new smart system that will allow it to drive without any input from the driver. According to the reports, the vehicle will be fitted with a few key safety features that will allow Uber to install their won self-driving system.

In case of an emergency where somebody needs to take control of the vehicle, the XC90 will be fitted with a few backup systems for steering and braking along with battery back-up power.

The release of the autonomous XC90 is a huge step forward for both companies. For Uber, it has been their mission to offer autonomous ride sharing that does not rely on a Mission’ Specialist and is also reliable while for Volvo, they have already announced that they are looking to release a self-driving mode in 2020 and this will take them one step closer to that goal.