Volvo Valet: What We Know Now

Volvo announces its new service which seems to be a perfect fit for what is going on right now. Here is what we know right now.

Called the Volvo Valer, the new concierge service seems to have been made for situations like the coronavirus right now but of course, it was probably in development for a long time before the announcement was made.

The new service is a pickup and dropoff service for owners that need to get their Volvo vehicle are serviced. Using a mobile app or participating dealers to schedule the appointment and pickup time.

After making the appointment, you will also be offered a loaner vehicle which will be delivered by a retailer employee who will then take your vehicle in for servicing. Thorugh the app, you will know where the driver is, when he will arrive and when your vehicle arrives at the shop.

The service will also evolve to include leased and purchased deliveries in the near future.

Author: Staff Reporter

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