Volvo XC90 Sends S90 & V90 Out Of Sweden

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The all-new Volvo XC90 is the hottest premium SUV around and it is easy to understand why. Compared to its rivals, the XC90 has more to offer all while retailing at a lesser fee. This also explains why there is a long line for the XC90 and it giving Volvo a positive amount of stress.

Volvo revealed that they never expected the demand for XC90 to be this huge hence they are forced into making some huge rearrangements on their production facility in Sweden. The carmaker revealed earlier today that both the S90 and V90 will be moving out of Sweden to China.

In detail, both the S90 and V90 will get produced in China rather than Sweden from 2017 onwards. This will free up more room in the facility in China which then allows Volvo to push out more XC90s.

For Volvo, this is a win-win decision because both the S90 and V90 are really popular in China compared other parts of the world. Having both cars developed there will aid in cutting shipping cost and it will also allow the production of more XC90s in Sweden.