Volvo’s Cousin Caught Impersonating Old Acura!

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What you’re looking at above is a picture of an upcoming crossover and no, it is not a vehicle from Acura. The SUV is actually made by Geely and it rides on the company’s first-ever self-developed modular architecture.

Geely calls it the SX11 crossover and they mentioned that the new architecture took a lot of inspirations from Volvo’s compact modular architecture. Under the hood, there will be a 1.5L engine that is sourced from the Volvo XC40.

Such a setup will allow the SX11 to push out 177hp and 188ft-lbs of torque hence you can look forward to getting a crossover with a punchy performance like the XC40.

The only difficulty with the SX11, at least for us, is with the design of the vehicle. The front grille looks to similar to the beak design from previous generation Acura and it gets more awkward when the mechanical end is near-identical to Volvo.