Watch Dogs 3 Leaked Before E3 2019

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It looks like Ubisoft might have wanted to surprise their fans with a surprise announcement for the next Watch Dogs game but it looks like that won’t happen anymore as details about the upcoming game was leaked before E3 2019.

Amazon UK posted a product page showing what they are calling the Watch Dogs Legion. According to the description, the game will be set in London this time around. Set in the near future, the post-Brexit London is very different from the London we know now.

Unlike the last two games where we had a dedicated protagonist, players will be playing as anyone this time. It was explained that every individual in the open world will have a full set of animations, character traits, voice over and visuals.

Ubisoft did promise that they will have three games to announce, we know that one of them could be Roller Champions and now the second one could be Watch Dogs Legion. The third game is still a mystery at this point.