Zotye Almost Ready For The US

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Zotye is looking to break into the US market and it looks like everything is going according to plan for them as it was reported that they already have a few dealers that are ready to distribute their vehicles.

According to Zotye, 19 dealers here in the US will take up their vehicles. Of course, looking at the demand right now, it does not come at a surprise that the first model would actually be an SUV.

Zotye also added that they plan to enter about 80 top US markets and to have about 325 sales points by 2020. If what we are hearing is right, the first model that we should be seeing is the T600 crossover model which was released in China in 2013.

At this point, it is still too early to decide how this brand will do here in the US but its lower price tag might be enough to convince people to give it a try as it is said it should be about 20% less than their competitors. What do you think?