Apex Legends: Both Maps Playable!

The first ranked series split for Apex Legends is now live. Not only will players get their rank reset but both of the Apex Legends maps will be available until the season ends.

The ranked series was offered when Season 2 arrives and each time, the ranked lastest one full season but with Season 4, we saw the new ranked series split where the rank gets reset halfway through the season. The split will also change the map that Ranked is played on.

In the first half, players were playing on reworked World’s Edge and now, they will be playing on Kings Canyon. After the season ends, players will be rewarded based on their highest rank in the Season.

The split allows some players to try and climb the ladder after being in a rut. It is also nice that players got a switch of maps to change things up a little midseason.

Author: Staff Reporter

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