Apex Legends Fight Or Fright Shadowfall Not A Walk In The Park

Season 3 for Apex Legends will not only come with new challenges and tasks but it will bring in the new Fight or Fright limited-time event in conjunction with Halloween. As with all the events before this, this will also come with a new mode called Shadowfalls.

While it might look fun and exciting, the event is actually harder than it looks. Winning will get you some Halloween-themed cosmetics. In Shadowfalls, you will be playing solo so you will have to outlast all34 opponents to win. The match will be overseen by Revenant, a necromancer that is believed to be the next playable character in the game.

When you die, you will be recruited by the Revenant to become a member of the Shadow Squad and from there, your abilities will change and so will your goal. The last 10 survivors will become allies and they will have to escape the canyon while the Shadow Squad will have to stop that from happening by killing the survivors.

So far, Wraith and Pathfinders seem to have the highest chance of winning as a survivor.

Author: Staff Reporter

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