Apex Legends Golden Vaults Will Be Shut Tight For Now

Apex Legends Season 3 has officially started and fans have already picked out some of the new addition that they spotted in the game. Besides getting the new World’s Edge map, some players have pointed out the locked vaults that seem to be dotted all over the map.

Of course, the first thing the players did try to do was to gain access into the vault but there are locked. It was suggested in the trailer that players will need to take down one fo the flying loot ticks on the map for a chance to get the key but so far, no key has been obtained yet.

It could just be that the developer is not ready to start offering the keys to these vaults yet since there is a timer on the door of the vaults which will be ending on the 9th of October 10 AM PT next week.

We do not know what will happen when the timer ends but most people think that it will be the time when they can start opening the vaults and looting its content which could consist of purple and gold tier body armor, shields, backpacks, helmets, and weapon attachments.

Author: Staff Reporter

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