Apex Legends New Story For Season 4 Teased

We are not too far away from the arrival of Season 4 for Apex Legends called Assimilation and the developer seems to be teasing it now.

On the Outlands Television which has been the developer’s way of telling the story of the game, we see that the report on the Revenant attack was quickly cut short and was followed by reports of break-ins at the Hammond Robotics Facilities.

A later report showed the email that all Hammond employees received revealing that an intruder has breached the office and killed three security guards. The thief also made off with personal information of employees.

Another report, later on, claimed that three employees have since gone missing and a corrupted file appeared on the location where they went missing. The files then showed different images of what looked like a human arm morphing into a claw.

We are not sure what all fo these means right now but the developer sure has our attention now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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