Apex Legends Season 3 New Character To Come After Crypto Soon

Apex Legends fans will get to play with the new character Crypto when Season 3 arrives but even before we get to do that, the developer has already started teasing us about the next character that we might be getting in the game.

The new character will be added into the game as the twelfth playable character so far. While there was no mention of when we will be seeing the character come, most people believe that it will come with the next season.

Season 3 will come with a new map located on a new planet called World’s Edge. In the new trailer, it can see 12 figures standing the room but we know that Crypto is only the 11th character so the 12th person is a mystery now.

From what we can see, the new character will be larger in size and is wearing some sort of armor and mask. Hopefully, we will learn more about the new character soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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