Baldur’s Gate 3 Priority Higher Than Others

Larian Studios, the developer behind games like Divinity: Orignal Sin and Baldur’s Gate have been working on a new tactics game called Dvivity: Fallen Heroes but they will have to push it back a little now as the developers want to focus on the other game.

When Fallen Heroes was initially announced, they added that the game was going to be released in November 2019 but that will not be happening anymore. Larian will now be shifting their focus to Baldur’s Date 3.

They did not reveal how long the fans will have to wait for Fallen Heroes to arrive. The game was being developed together with Logic Artist and with the game now push back, Logic Artist will focus on their new game called Expeditions.

Hopefully, the developers will have more details to offer us soon on when Divinity: Fallen Heroes will be arriving. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game below.

Author: Staff Reporter

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