Bethesda Future To Include More Mobile Games

Bethesda have already a few mobile games to offer now but it looks like we will be seeing much more from them in the near future as the company has now acquired Alpha Dog Games, a Canadian studio that is behind games like Wraithborne and MonstroCity: Rampage.

It was revealed that Alpha Dog will be working together with Bethesda to grow their mobile game offering and that the studio will be working on some new iOS and Android mobile games.

Bethesda have already had a few massive successes with mobile games. Their Fallout Shelter game which is a spin-off from their Fallout series was a major hit with the fans while The Elder Scrolls franchise also got The Elder Scrolls Legends and The Elder Scrolls Blades with the latter released this year.

No word on what kind of game we will be seeing next or if there will be any more franchise-related mobile games in the future.

Author: Staff Reporter

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