Blizzard Receiving Pressure From All Sides

Blizzard’s decision to ban a Hearthstone pro player is going to be even more costly for the developer as one of their advertisers decided to cut ties with them and pull out from being a sponsor for Hearthstone Esports.

According to reports, Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan has decided to end its sponsorship with the Blizzard esports event. There was already some indication that this might be happening after some fans noticed that the automaker’s logo is no longer on the signage.

Mitsubishi later confirms the news. There were rumors that Coca-Cola and ASUS might do the same as well but nothing has been confirmed yet so we will have to wait and see.

This all started when Ng Wai Chung, a competitive player for Hearthstone expressed support for the protest going on in Hong Kong during an official broadcast interior. The player was later banned for a full year and got his prize winnings rescinded. After the backlash, Blizzard decided to give the player back his winnings and cutting the ban time to six months but the public is still not ready to move on just yet.

With BlizzCon coming soon, some people are already preparing to protest outside of the convention.

Author: Staff Reporter

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