Borderlands 3: Free Halloween DLC Announced

Borderlands 3 was just released this month but it looks like the developer already has a few interesting contents to offer including the newly announced free DLC.

The new DLC will be a Halloween-themed event called Bloody Harvest and will be set to arrive in October. The event will be live for six weeks and players will get a chance to collect the Legendary weapon and skins and explore the new spooky environment and take on the boss.

To start exploring Bloody Harvest, you will need to go to Pandora and into space where you will find Haunted enemies roaming the galaxy that has a Terror debuff. This will interfere with your vision, accuracy and gun handling. If you take one down, you will get the Hecktoplasm which you can pass to Maurice, a new character and get the Bloody Harvest map.

Other Borderlands new that fans can look forward to is the Borderlands 2 VR on Steam which will be arriving on the 22nd of October.

Author: Staff Reporter

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