Can PS Now Compete With The Newcomers?

With so many cloud-based gaming services coming up, the Sony PS Now might not be the one you would think of right now bit the service has been around for some time now.

The beta version was released back in 2014 but at that time, the service only had a few PS3 games to offer but now, PS Now has more than 800 games to offer. The subscription-based service that costs about $10 a month or $25 for three months and $60 for a year and paying for that will give you access to the huge library of games including some of the exclusive PS4 games along with some PS3 and PS2 games.

Of course, you won’t get access to PS Plus but you can still access multiplayer capabilities for games on the service so you don’t have to subscribe to both.

PS Now also has an app on PC that will allow you to play PlayStation games on PC.

Author: Staff Reporter

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